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on ocsreports several menu items disappeared


I'm new to ocs and am quite impressed of the software, so THANKs to all the developers!

I've installed the server from the deb-packages on a freshly installed ubuntu 22.04 and could register one client.

While trying to deploy a software packege, I run in to the following problem:

When I tryed to build a deployment package fro a msi file, everything seemed to work fine, but the package never showed up in for activation.
Somewhere I read, that for SW-deployment, the server had to have a working ssl-configuration. So I installed generated certificates and instelled them to apache, which worked fine so far.

My problem is, that after I installed the ssl-site, in the admin console (ocsreports) several Menu items disappeared. The whole configuration-Menu doesn't show up anymore, and on the deployment-Menu I just have the activate option.

Any suggestions on what is goinig on?

Best regards

Andreas Fromm
in Administrative console by (120 points)

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