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WOL doesn't work [closed]

I have installed the ocs inventory and when we are going to test the WOL function it does not work.
The server has a linux and the pc's are with windows 10. Does anyone know what could be the reason?

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It already works I have updated to the latest version of ocs inventory 2.11.1 and the WOL already works.

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Hello @joancmb,

1 - Are your Linux server and your PCs on the same network ? > If not, open ports and create redirects

2 - In your PCs, is the WOL + S5 standby via network activated options in the bios and in the network card settings under Windows (for eg. WOL enabled) ?

3 - Check the presence of the "AllowWakeFromS5" key (DWORD - 32 bits) with the value 1 in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentcontrolSet\Services\NDIS\Parameters\

4 - Are your PCs completely powered off (not in standby or hibernation mode) ?

Note : The WOL must already work with a third-party tool on the same network as your PCs... If not, check the settings.

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Hello Steph,

1. Linux server and PCs are on the same network.

2.In PCs, the WOL is S1 or S3.WOL i enable on the network card.

4. The computers ares turned off.

I have tried the tool called wakeonlan and it does turn on my computers. It is through OCS Inventory that they do not turn on.

I do not understand why through OCS Inventory the computers do not turn on.


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