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snmp scan not working in Debian 11 server

I have installed the OCS Inventory server 2.10 in Debian 11 server , but snmp scan not working.
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3 Answers

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my company has developed more than 60 exclusive plugins for OCS (predictive maintenance, supervision, helpdesk & IT support, status summary, multiple SNMP device type, geolocation of Windows machines, etc.)

If you want more information, please contact me privately.

Best regards, Stephane
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Even I have the same problem. SNMP auto discovery is not working. Can someone specify how to do it or guide to the documentation for the latest version.
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I have checked SNMP on multiple versions of the OCS Inventory server and tried different common MIBs and OIDs. However, the devices are still not showing up in the SNMP inventory list. Please let us know if there are any resolutions for this. Thanks in advance! .
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