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No tables shown in web interface


Any hint would be welcomed. Fresh install of OCS Server on RHEL8 to replace another.  I tried to install from RPM, GIT, TAR and I always end up with a working Communication server with agents successfully sending inventory to the MariaDB but the administration interface show no table.

I can see in the initial dashboard detected clients. They also are in database but no data is shown. Everything else seems to work. Configurations, informations... interface write data in DB but don't seem to be able to show it. I can't create groups as the inferface is incomplete. If I add Web Application, it is written in DB but not shown in interface. 

No errors in log that I found.  Probably a missing dependency but I tried several ways, documentations and I really don't know what I missed. RPM didn't want about anything neither manual installation that should check for requirements. 

Specific information : 
-Server is in DMZ with no internet access. 
- EPEL and REMI are available
-REMI-MODULAR, REMI-SAFE and Codeready arent available but I installed manually everything documented or read in others procedures and not automatically installed.

Version Info:
PHP 7.2.24
MariaDB 10.3.35
OCS 2.10.0  (But got the same results with 2.11 RPM)

Dashboard OK : 

"All Computer" Menu : 

Missing this table : 

Anyone have an Idea?  I double checked all requirements and specified dependencies. The actual installation was from the .TAR.GZ with the setup.sh.    But as I mentionned, same results with RPM. 

I got it working in a lab with a quick ubuntu installation but I must use RHEL in our production env. 


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I moved the server to a new zone with internet access, relaunch installation and put back in DMZ.  It's somewhat related to a dependency but can't figure which one as everything check good during installation.  After reinstallation with internet, everything is fine. I just don't knew how to precisely compare before and after package versions.
Only thing I notice is the PHP version now in 7.3.33 (and was 7.2.24).
If I figure out something, I will complete my post. For now, Admin interface is OK and I will be able to replace our 2.6 server.
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