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Problem with MariaDB and PHP cron_all_software [closed]


After installation of OCS server in Ubuntu Server 22.04, database script that is creating tables cant create those with utf8mb4_0900_ai_ci collation, e.g. software_link table.

I tried it on MariaDB 10.6 and 10.10.2 with same error output.

Without this tables cron_all_software php script doesn`t work and OCS GUI dashboard and "all software" tabs are empty.
Should I install it on docker instead?

Thanks for any help.
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2 Answers

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no, the Docker version will not bring anything better... Which version of the OCS server did you install ?
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thanks for the answer, but as you can see i asked this in December so I've already figured it out. I changed the default collation to other utf8, can't remember what it was exactly and added missing tables manually. Now everything is running smoothly.

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