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UWF and OCS Agent


Nice to meet you all, I'm new here!

I'm looking for possible infos or tips for an issues we are having shortly after the massive installation of OCSInventory on all our ThinClients (we are just exploring hypotesis, we aren't 100% sure that the problem is the Agent itself).

Our ThinClients suddenly freeze while the operator is using them and, after a reboot, they get stuck into the Windows boot procedure.
All our TCs have UWF on.

I've analyzed what OCS does, it calls the WMI from MS to analyze the hardware and sofware then it launches a .ps1 script to get other infos and it seems not harmfull or too heavy for the system to us.
We forced the execution of the Agent manually and never get the issue.
But we noticed that sometimes, the comunication between the Agent, the server and the sudden freeze, are combined.

Now we were asking ourselves, do we need to give specific permission on the UWF for some OCS folder or OCS reg string?
Are there any best practice when installing OCS on ThinClients or PCs that are UWF protected?

Thank you all in advance
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