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Problem with SNMP


I need a clear guide to configure SNMP scan in my network. IP discover works without problem. But SNMP don't report anything.

The version of UNIX agent is 2.10.0.

From the host which the agent is installed, I can request into my network device with snmpget, and they response correctly. So, I understand that my SNMP communities configuration is OK.

Manage > Network scan > Administer subnet IP address: Netmask:

Manage > Network scan > Manage SNMP communities > version:2c name:micomunidad

Configuration > SNMP configuration > Type configuration Type:minetwork  Label:Device_Info

All computers > > Configuration > Edit > Network Scans >




I don't know where the problem is, but I have been 3 days with it and I don't progress.

Thank you in advanced

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1 Answer

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my company has developed more than 60 exclusive plugins for OCS (predictive maintenance, supervision, helpdesk & IT support, status summary, multiple SNMP device type, geolocation of Windows machines, etc.)

If you want more information, please contact me privately.

Best regards, Stephane
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