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Deploy with Reboot or Package dependency


i am searching a way to do deploy a package with one ore more reboots in the middle or if not possible, maybe a "dependend" package deployment.

The goal is to deploy more then one piece of software, but each one needs a reboot for the next and after the last i need a "OK". Because it is a timing problem over a lot of devices, it is very difficult to do every single package round by round alone.

Any ideas? THX!
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yes, copy the contents of each package to the target machine and with a common script execute each package with conditions > If necessary, use flags (a file, a modified registry key, etc.)

For the end of the procedure, a validation by email could do the trick ?
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Hi steph,

of course we can do the job "outside" OCS... just only start it by OCS... but because of a special situation with the clients, we want to get informed about the progress and the result in a nice central gui smiley

So we also thought about that, but it would be a very complex process to keep in mind which client is in which state. But if there is no other way... we have to go that way.

If it is easy, it is not called IT wink (Hope that translation could be understood laugh)

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the result directly in OCS would be perfect, but as to my knowledge the function does not exist in OCS you will have to request it in the project roadmap.

I already have some ideas to design this function, results and percentage of achievement for each machine in a nice general table, and I can possibly work on it in the next few months... Anyway, it's an nice addition !
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as Steph statet it is possible to write something into the registry after every step of a client side script.

The registry can be read by ocs-inventory and with dynamic groups you can see which pc sucessfully applied every step.

It will not be in realtime, but should work.

 I think PDQ Deploy has i nice way to manage "steps"

Kind regards

One nice client side script to resume jobs is here

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