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After update from 2.8 to 2.11.1 no package build [closed]

Hi, we did an upgrade from 2.8 on Debian Buster to 2.11.1 on Bullsey.

Everything works and looks fine. But we canĀ“t deploy new packages.

Under Deployment -> Build the "Package builder" site opens (looks fully changed to 2.8) and we have to choose the operation system... Windows / Linux or MacOS. But if we click on one, nothing happens..

The URL in browser is "https://servername/ocsreports/index.php?function=tele_build".

I looked in all errorlogs i could find... nothing. Any ideas?!
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2 Answers

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Look in php-fpm error log file for errors or warning or deprecated functions. Enable OCS_OPT_DBI_PRINT_ERROR to 1. Restart apache. Then errors are logged in apache error log file.

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Hi frankb,

because we could not wait, we restored a backup from before the upgrades and setup a fresh install. Fresh install seems to work. Thanks.
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