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The agent cannot find the downloaded run file

Hello, sorry to bother you, I will not ask questions if your document is detailed enough.

First my previous problem was solved, and now I'm lucky enough to have another one.

I was like this when I was building, the detailed picture is below, and then the agent can transfer and download normally, everything appears to be fine, but he will execute the command error, he does not seem to find what he downloaded sh: 0: cannot open run.zip: No such file, what am I supposed to tell him? This sh is this. He'll know this. I tested it myself. First of all, thank you, I would be more happy if you would update the document.

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I have a bit of a clue, it seems to be a problem between windows and ubuntu, my.sh is windows edited, it needs my testing and your ideas.

Or what permissions do you need to execute sh commands

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First check /var/lib/ocsinventory-agent/https:__[ip] _ocsinventory-download there are no uploaded files. Usually they are time-stamped -n If not remember change/etc/PHP / 8.1 / apache2 / PHP ini the upload_max_filesize; upload_max_filesize; And php.ini in 8.1/cli, followed by.sh or any other running file encoding whether unit or LF is important to you. Then you can do it. Although no one helped me, I still thank ocs

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