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OCS Deployment General question

Hi, I downloaded and installed OCS Inv. a few weeks ago, to try it out and see the possibilitie.

So far so good, installation on Debian 12 went fine, sync GestSup to OCS API now OK, about 20 agents deployed to see ho it all works, looking good.

Now I just tried a deployment (in fact a simple cmd script to start a service on selected Remote PCs), Buikd OK, Validate OK, but in the menu I can't see 'Assignment Rules' (like described in this link (https://wiki.ocsinventory-ng.org/05.Deployment/Deploying-packages-or-executing-commands-on-client-hosts/),

So for a basic installation, what could be the reason for this menu entry not to be there ? A Parameter missing ? CheckBox somewhere ? Permission ? (admin account used)
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