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OSX Sonoma 14.4 Issue

Recently I become aware of a failure within OCS Agent on OSX Sonoma 14.4

It happens that all of the sudden, the agent stops to communicate and there is no information to understand the problem on logs. 

I was able to find a more detailed output from the error trying to execute directly the binary in /Applications/OCSNG.app/Content/Resources, which I post below:

Mac M1:

Failed to load Ocsinventory::Agent, Can't load '/Applications/OCSNG.app/Contents/Resources/lib/darwin-thread-multi-2level/auto/List/Util/Util.bundle' for module List::Util: dlopen(/Applications/OCSNG.app/Contents/Resources/lib/darwin-thread-multi-2level/auto/List/Util/Util.bundle, 0x0001): tried: '/Applications/OCSNG.app/Contents/Resources/lib/darwin-thread-multi-2level/auto/List/Util/Util.bundle' (mach-o file, but is an incompatible architecture (have 'x86_64', need 'arm64e' or 'arm64')), '/System/Volumes/Preboot/Cryptexes/OS/Applications/OCSNG.app/Contents/Resources/lib/darwin-thread-multi-2level/auto/List/Util/Util.bundle' (no such file), '/Applications/OCSNG.app/Contents/Resources/lib/darwin-thread-multi-2level/auto/List/Util/Util.bundle' (mach-o file, but is an incompatible architecture (have 'x86_64', need 'arm64e' or 'arm64')) at /System/Library/Perl/5.34/XSLoader.pm line 96.

 at /Applications/OCSNG.app/Contents/Resources/lib/darwin-thread-multi-2level/List/Util.pm line 24.

Compilation failed in require at /Applications/OCSNG.app/Contents/Resources/lib/darwin-thread-multi-2level/Scalar/Util.pm line 23.

Compilation failed in require at /Applications/OCSNG.app/Contents/Resources/lib/XML/Simple.pm line 44.

BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /Applications/OCSNG.app/Contents/Resources/lib/XML/Simple.pm line 44.

Compilation failed in require at /Applications/OCSNG.app/Contents/Resources/lib/Ocsinventory/Agent.pm line 11.

BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /Applications/OCSNG.app/Contents/Resources/lib/Ocsinventory/Agent.pm line 11.

Compilation failed in require at (eval 1) line 1.

BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at (eval 1) line 1.

After that, I tried to run using rosetta compatibility to arch -x86_64, which give me the error below on M1:

ListUtil.c: loadable library and perl binaries are mismatched (got handshake key 0xc400080, needed 0xf880080)

I will try to use an Intel machine to get the detailed output, but I can say in advance that the same behaviour occurs in Intel machines.

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2 Answers

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after a phew weeks, I finally figured out the solution to this problem on Sonoma OSX 14.4+, and to be honest it's quite simple to fix.

you need to change the first line of the following file:

the first line will have the content:

and you need to update it to:

and that is it, fixed

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I tried out cainat's sugested fix, and then tested it on two different M1 and a third M2 machine. Two were existing OS installs with macOS 14.4.0, the third was a fresh OS install with macOS 14.4.1. 
However, it did not work. The OCSNG.app crashes as soon as it opens.

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