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If agent is updated earlier than the server ... ?

Good morning everybody

One more beginner question ... I'm quite new in the OCS world so please let me ask this simple (?) question. A first quick forum search didn't led me to the answer, but maybe you know it or know where I can find it:

I'm working on setting up a first OCS inventory for our machines. For this task I installed the agent from the official repo as told at wiki.ocsinventory-ng.org what worked quite well.

But now I'm asking myself what may happen if the agent should get updated as part of a regular update cycle while the server may not be updated, too. Will the agent still be able to communicate with the server. Would be really good to know, at least for minor patches. (I assume it's not possible to be sure about this for major releases, but that's no daily business on the other hand.)

Thanks a lot for your help!

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2 Answers

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'I'm quite new' sure ! In this forum and doc you have replies (and reflexion) ...

The agent have to be LOWER than the server. So keep updated your server !

For Windows you can easily choose agent's version. Why you think a more update agent version could be better ?

For Linux, the better is to use packaged agent. So keep updated your server.
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Hi @jacqhesh Thanks a lot at this thread, too. :)

I don't think an agent updated to a higher version than the server is better. I just wanted to figure out if it's necessary to avoid this situation and if so ... how.
I understood I should avoid.
Based on my current knowledge I used the repository provided agent for the first client and so I thought if this could be updated without purpose (by simply running the well known apt update -> apt upgrade).
So I will have to get familiar with agent packaging to avoid unwanted agent updates (of course taking care about server updates as another task). Correct?

Thank you

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