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Agents cannot be deployed on the network

Hey, I'm currently doing an internship and my job is to deploy ocs inventory on the network. My ocs 2.12.1 server is on debian 12. I've installed an agent manually on a windows machine to check that everything was working, so far no problem. Now I'm getting down to the serious business of deploying my agent on the network using the agent deployment tool. I added psexec, putty and pscp in the options, then I added the range of ip addresses on which I want to deploy my agents (I don't use the active directory, because some computers on the network aren't connected to the domain), then I followed the official documentation for the rest as well as several different tutorials and here I am at the moment of deploying by pressing start and that's when the problems start.

Here are the 2 error messages I may encounter:

Host <> *** ERROR *** Connecting remote host: The network path was not found.

Host <> *** ERROR *** Remote host does not accept connections

I have all admin right, firewall was check thats not seem to be an issue. Im on this for 2 days actualy im stuck.

Hope my english was not too trash, have a nice day !
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2 Answers

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It's easy to test IF psexec could run : 'psexec cmd' ...

Since years, security is to avoid this kind of tools based on 'admin access' ...

Also, it's sure that logon scripts are not abled to install agent : you need to be ON computers with ADMIN local access TO install.

The best, IMHO, is to run a small script manually
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Thanks for your reply, I think too about make a script. I probably gonna be in this direction
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