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OCS Server not Receive updat from Client Agent


I Need Help, we just fresh install of OCS Inventory, but when agent sent the data. Respond Code 200, and there is no log from folder log on the server. for credential mysql is working if we tested.

please advice to solve this problem.

Client (Windows 11) - With Firewall Off, Can Ping to OCS Server.


Starting OCS Inventory Agent on Tuesday, July 02, 2024 08:45:48.

AGENT => Running OCS Inventory Agent Version

AGENT => Using OCS Inventory FrameWork Version

AGENT => Loading plug-in(s)

DLL PLUGIN => Searching for Plug-in DLL(s) in folder <C:\Program Files\OCS Inventory Agent\plugins>

DLL PLUGIN => 0 DLL Plug-in(s) successfully loaded on 0 DLL(s) found

AGENT => Using network connection with Communication Server

COM PROVIDER => Loading Communication Provider <C:\Program Files\OCS Inventory Agent\ComHTTP.dll>

AGENT => Using Communication Provider <OCS Inventory cURL Communication Provider> Version <>

AGENT => Sending Prolog

DID_CHECK => Read DeviceID <PC21-2024-06-20-13-38-22> and MACs <00:E0:4C:7A:E3:B4FC:5C:EE:80:17:E400:E0:4C:36:01:910A:00:27:00:00:103C:18:A0:54:6F:12F0:20:FF:93:CF:6E> in file <ocsinventory.dat>

COM SERVER => Initializing cURL library for sendRequest

COM SERVER => Using cURL with server authentication

COM SERVER => Disabling cURL proxy support

COM SERVER => Enabling cURL SSL server validation support using CA Bundle <cacert.pem>

COM SERVER => Sending HTTP Post request to URL <https://api.xxxx.com/inventory/>

COM SERVER => HTTP Post response received <HTTP Status Code #200>

COM SERVER => Cleaning cURL library

================= TRACE START ===============

================= TRACE STOP ===============

AGENT => Prolog successfully sent

AGENT => Prolog Frequency set to 10 hour(s)

AGENT => Inventory on startup option set to  

AGENT => Unloading communication provider

AGENT => Unloading plug-in(s)

AGENT => Execution duration: 00:00:01.


For Server :

  • PHP Version :
  • Web Server :
  • Database Server :
  • Version OCSReports:
  • 8.2.20
  • Apache/2.4.59 (Debian)
  • Debian 12 version 10.11.6-MariaDB-0+deb12u1
  • 2.12.1
  • OS Name :
  • Version :
  • RAM installed :
  • Free RAM :
  • CPU :
  • Distribution :
  • Linux x86_64
  • 6.1.0-21-amd64
  • 1966 MB
  • 819 MB
  • Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2695 v2 @ 2.40GHz
  • Debian GNU/Linux 12 (bookworm)

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3 Answers

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have you checked this ?


here is mentioned that the password for the database can be wrong

and why do you send to <https://api.xxxx.com/inventory/>

Normal setup sends to http://43534abc.testdom/ocsinventory

You configured a url with api subdomain .. is that the correct domain name for your setup?

Kind regards


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Hello sokarta ,  i just check the config file param for db is correct and tested.
and i just test too using docker, using default url. the respon still same #200. what can i check for the server side for docker? and what i can trace the error happen.
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I don't tried ocs-inventory for docker.. but what happens if you open your url


in  a normal Browser ?

it should say something like

Bad Request

It is the same url which you are using to access the webinterface but instead of using

you agent should be configured to send inventory to

There should be a log file from apache i think.



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