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Can this forum track read/unread?

Can this forum track track what messages have already been read?   Or just email everything like a mail list?
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By default, an email is send if someone give an answer to your question.
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But what about other questions?  I like to be away of problems others are having and answer what I can.   Is there a way to visit every few days and distinguish the new postings from ones I have already seen?  Or better yet, have it email them all like an email list?
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Je suis tout à fait d'accord avec lesmikesell.

La possibilité de pouvoir voir en un coup d'oeil les nouveaux posts créé depuis notre dernière visite manque cruellement au nouveau forum.

Est-il prévu de mettre en place cette fonctionnalité?

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Shows a way to see the activity of other people.  That's not what I want.   I'd like to see just the updates that I haven't read myself like the old forum would track for you.   As it is, they are presented newest first, but you have to remember what you have already  read to tell if there is anything new - and  I don't think there is any way to see new items that are added as replies/comments to old questions that are not your own but might interest you.

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