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New OCS server with old agents on everyone's computers - compatible?

The company where I work has the OCS agent installed on every employee's Windows computer. This was done years ago with an older version, and they never maintained anything. I started over with a new installation of the server (2.1.2) on Ubuntu. How do I get those old agents on everyone's computers to interact with my new server installation? (There are over 1,000 computers and would be extremely inconvenient to update each computer one by one.)
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2 Answers

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Do you use Active Directory?

If yes, deploy a script with a computer gpo that copy a new service.ini or ocsinventory.ini file with the new ip address of ocs server.
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Yes we use Active Directory.

Okay, is there documentation on that? Not really sure how to do that. I am trying to pick up the pieces from previous developers who are not here anymore (so I am learning from scratch and unfamiliar).
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Old agents should generally work with new servers, although you'll probably want to upgrade them eventually.  Does the new server have the same IP address or dns name as the agents are configured to use?
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No, it has a different IP.
You either have to put the new server at the same IP (or dns name) that the clients are configured to use or reconfigure or redeploy all of the agents.    If it is under your control, switching the server IP might be easier.   If you have to redeploy, the deployment tool on this page http://www.ocsinventory-ng.org/en/download/tools.html
should work as long as you have the admin password(s) or it can be scripted through Active Directory.
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