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Linux Fedora20 unable to communicate with OCS NG [closed]

I just installed OCS NG Agent Linux on Linux Fedora20, but the linux unable to communicate with OCS NG (Windows version) with the error as below;


p.s. I have executed this command "yum install perl-XML-Simple perl-Compress-Zlib perl-Net-IP perl-LWP

perl-Digest-MD5 perl-Net-SSLeay"

[error] [download] LWP::Protocol::https perl moule is missing!!

[error] [snmp] Net::SNMP perl module is missing!!

Cannot establish communication: 501 Protocol scheme 'https' is not supported (LWP::Protocol::https not installed)





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Your OCS Unix agent error message say that  "LWP::Protocol::https perl moule is missing", so you have to install it using perl-LWP-Protocol-https Fedora packages.

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Please prefer using the Remi Collet repository to get OCS Inventory NG as RPM. On fedora, RHEL or Centos, this is the best way ti install the agent.

All needed dependancies will be correct after installing the RPM.
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It's not a linux beginner problem : it's a google search beginner problem if you cannot find the website of remi collet ;)

This problems have been fixed by installation of "yum install perl-Net-SNMP" and "yum install perl-LWP-Protocol-https", however i got another problem "Cannot establish communication: 500 can't connect to ocs-agent.company.local:443" but i'm sure that the certificate is working fine on another MS Windows Version, i can ping the IP address of the computer "ocs-agent.company.local" and i can ping "ocs-agent" but i cannot ping "ocs-agent.company.local"



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The problem has been fixed by editing the file " /etc/nsswitch.conf" with  removal of  text “[NOTFOUND=return]“ as follows:

hosts:          files mdns4_minimal dns mdns4
#hosts:          files mdns4_minimal [NOTFOUND=return] dns mdns4
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