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How to add bios.assettag field to the main display column.

Hi folks,

I've set up a script to put our ASSET numbers into the machines bios and OCSinventory correctly picks this up in the bios.assettag field in the database.

I'd like to have that as a selectable column in the main computer display.

Wondering if you can tell me if this is possible and how to go about it?

Failing that, I could use the default TAG field if it could be set to mirror the bios.assettag field.

I know I could write a perl or PHP script that ran from cron and just mirrrored bios.assettag into accountinfo.TAG but there must be a better way of doing this?


I'm thinking the answer is to add g(26) to the $default_fields array somewhere in ms_all_computers.php but when I tried it stopped updating the page so I'm a bit lost.

Basically I want to first column to show up on visu_computers to be the bios.assettag or g(218)

can anyone give me any quick pointers?

Update: I added ASSETTAG LIKE % in a search and it added ASSETTAG to the list of my users, but I'd like it to be part of the default list for everyone.  I've tried browsing the DB looking for a list of default items but no luck.

kindest regards

Frank Hauptle
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3 Answers

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I don't have an answer... would just like to bump this.  I would also like to know if there is a way.
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Sorry, but answer is "NO WAY".

Developers did not answer any similar question since 2013. That's why I slowly moving from OCS-NG. It was very good thing, but now it's cumbersome and inconfigurable crap.
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I probably should have answered this already.   I added the bios fields that are available in the list and then noticed that a new field called "ASSETTAG" showed up in their automatically and it does what I expected.. so to get the asset number from the display in a column in the UI choose ASSETTAG from the list
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