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some Microsoft updates missing in software overview

Hy - i searched for a microsoft update through the ocs "search with varios criteria"

I searched for the update KB3046049

The result was that many computers has this update - but some does not have an entry for this update.

So i decided to login on one of those windows 7 computers(with missing updates) - i used the control panel to check if the update really wasn't installed. Curiously the update was installed - ocs just don't shows me the update.

The specific computer showed 157 Software items in OCS - so i decided to uninstall the ocs client (2.05) and reinstalled the same version. After that procedure ocs shows me 515 software items -


Question - why this can happen ? over 100 computers affected with this problem.

Software deployment and so forth is working good

 On another computer with missing updates - i just stopped the ocs inventory service, changed the TTO_WAIT in the ocsinventory.ini to  5 seconds and started the service again.

Before 165 Software itemes - after 444 items - this computer is also running for years and was restarted regulary

Curios - on a third computer - just a restart helps - but bevor restart - i checked the upotime - this system was just 3 day up - on this computer the number of software items increases also dramatically.

 On another client (4.)

restart does not help -softwareon server  has only 170 items - but 352 hotfixes are installed.

uninstall ocs client 2.05 does not help

installation of 2.05.3 does not help - software inventory  is incomplete (i deleted the ocs folder with all settings in between)

Perhaps it has something to to with the software dictionary or / and this bug



PS: Server Version 2.1.1

Client Version on all computers 2.05
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