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Auto-merge values in server config


We have an OCS Server in production for our company with about 400 computers registered.

The problem comes when we change de Hostname of a computer, then OCS creates duplicate entry, but we want to update the information not create a new entry.

In the Server config, "Auto_Duplicate_Level" values could be:

- Hostname -> we got this one unmarked, cause we wanna update when a hostname is changed not create a new one

- Serial -> Can't use this option because we have many cloned computers so serial its the same

- MacAdrress -> This is the only one we could use, but if computers have virtual network adapters (VMWare, etc). server take this adapters as reference and updates different computers as if they were just one

- Model -> Not valid, many computers of same model

- Uuid -> Same that Serial, many computers cloned so many uuids cloned..

- AssetTag -> Even if we register same tag for two computers with same Mac Address OCS creates a duplicate instead of update.

My question is... Is there any way that OCS ignores Virtual Adapters? that way we could set Auto Duplicate Level only with MAC,

If someone has some solution or a better idea, they are welcome,

Thanks for helping!!
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2 Answers

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A new criteria for managing duplicates is the solution. Register a blueprint https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ocsinventory-oscreports/+addspec



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VMware should be generating new MAC addresses when you clone machines - and if duplicate MACs are bridged to the same switch some strange things may happen.    I'd recommend working out a way to avoid the duplicate MACs and let ocs merge on serial+mac.
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