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cannot login with admin

I've installed ocs server(2.0.5) on a linux machine and the agent(2.1.1) is running in a MS environment. I have the ipdiscover activated and by now I have 986 workstations inventoried and 1206 not inventoried(they are printers, switches and routers).

I'm trying to log in to administrative console(I did not changed the default username and password), I'm beeing authenticated and I can see the first page. Anything else(whatever I want to do: see all the computers, accesing "Config" or anything else, is showing me a new login page and after I'm filling the username and the password all I see is the first page.

What could be wrong? Nobody changed anything on the server.
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1 Answer

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I got it. In case you encounter the same issue, is because you have no more free space on the server.
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