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Howto transfer SNMP scanned devices to a higher OCS server?

I am running OCS inventory ng server 2.1.2 on Linux with IP Discover and SNMP-Scan that does one agent successfully.

So in the OCS inventory NG server I can see the SNMP scanned devices.

Question 1: Can one "convert" a SNMP device to a "real Host", like the ones that are inventoried by Agents?

Question 2: I want to transfer all inventory data to a higher OCS server (Assyst Server which has a OCS Web interface), so I activated OCS_OPT_GENERATE_OCS_FILES and files for Agent Hosts are stored successfully, so I would upload them to the higher OCS server with ocsinventory-injector.pl. But in the XML file for the host that does SNMP scans, there is no SNMP data stored, and there are neither files for the SNMP scanned devices itself. So how can I transfer the scanned SNMP inventory to the higher OCS server ?


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1) not for the moment. It's in the roadmap.

2) The SNMP XML is a part of your agent inventory : if you want to have an XML from this agent you must take it at the source.
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Thanks for Your answer. Could You please explain for 2) some more detailed what You mean with "take it at the source" ? Where is the "agent invenotry" stored?

Do You mean one shall run the inventory agent with "local" option, so that it stores a XML file locally and there the SNMP info is stored?

BTW having "server" and "local" option in agent configuration file defined both, leads to the log message

[Mon Aug 25 08:49:17 2014][debug] Section DRIVES has changed since last inventory
[Mon Aug 25 08:49:17 2014][debug] Missing value(s): SSN . I will send this inventory to the server BUT important value(s) to identify the computer are missing
[Mon Aug 25 08:49:17 2014][debug] sending XML
[Mon Aug 25 08:49:17 2014][debug] sending: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

And the inventory run takes only few seconds, no IP discovery, no SNMP scan.

When I comment out the local option again, the agent works again incl. IP discovery and SNMP scan.


Regarding the roadmap for 1)  where can I find that item? I looked at


But there I see version 2.1 but I am running already 2.1. I do not understand such a roadmap. Should a roadmap not show things for future versions ? Maybe with an ETA?
The tables between the snmp and computer will be integrated, i hope, in the 3.0 version.

We haven't yet the time to do it in the 2.1 release.
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