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Parse error on ms_multi_search.php

Hey guys,

since having installed Microsoft Office Key plugin , when I try to view details of installed software , I get this error:" Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in C:\xampp\htdocs\ocsreports\plugins\main_sections\ms_multi_search\ms_multi_search.php on line 1321"

The error is in the end of the file and this is the content of my ms_multi_search.php file:


   echo "<tr><td colspan=100 align=right><input type='submit' name='Valid-search' value='".$l->g(30)."' onclick='garde_valeur(\"VALID\",\"Valid\");'></td></tr>";
    echo "<input type=hidden name='Valid' id='Valid' value=''>";
    echo "</table>";
echo "<input type=hidden name=delfield id=delfield value=''>";
echo "<input type=hidden name='reset' id='reset' value=''>";
echo "</td></tr></table>";
echo "</form>";    
echo $l->g(358);
echo "<br>";
Microsoft Office Key plugin works fine, my PHP version is 5.3.8 and my OCS Server version is 2.1.1.

Anyone help me?



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