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IPv6 transport availability

The Windows client does not communicate via IPv6, don't know about the server.

Linux server und client work with v6 as transport, d'accord.
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Ocs ne depend pas d'IP v4 oude IP v6. Il se contente d'utliser les exgtentions perl et les couches ip du serveur et du client.

Regarde de ce coté.
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sorry if my "d'accord" suggested I could be capable of understanding French language. I am not.

So I could not get the the point of your reply, unfortunately.
OCS don't depend of TCP/IP (any version for IP). It just use perl extentions and the system IP stack of the client.

My translation are not the best but it's something like that :p


I will add than maybe for windows, the library use for sending http request are maybe not compatible with ipv6. I will ask the main developper of this agent.
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