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Directory index forbidden by option directive /var/www/ocsinventory

Hi everyone. Has a problem with OCS Server, last realese. There are OCS agent and .bat file containing

@echo off
IF EXIST OcsAgentSetup.exe. (
        start "" "OcsAgentSetup.exe" /S /SERVER: /DEBUG /NOSPLASH /NOW.
    ) else (
        echo Insert into this folder OcsAgentSetup.exe.


Running .bat file, and getting .log file containing next text:

OCS INVENTORY ver. 4061  Starting session for Device <USER99> on Wednesday, October 28, 2015 15:21:17...
Command line parameters: <<. /SERVER: /PNUM:80 /DEBUG>>

HTTP SERVER: Opening Internet connection to download <>...ERROR: HTTP status code 403
HTTP SERVER: Closing HTTP connection...OK
WMI Connect: Trying to connect to WMI namespace root\cimv2 on device <Localhost>...OK.
Registry Connect: Trying to connect to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE on device <Localhost>...OK.
CHECKINGS: read <USER99-2015-10-28-13-32-05> and <50:E5:49:37:D3:37> in ocsinventory.dat
IpHlpAPI GetNetworkAdapters...
IpHlpAPI GetNetworkAdapters: Calling GetIfTable to determine network adapter properties...OK
IpHlpAPI GetNetworkAdapters: Calling GetAdapterInfo to determine IP Infos...OK
IpHlpAPI GetNetworkAdapters: OK (1 objects).
CHECKINGS: write <USER99-2015-10-28-13-32-05> and <50:E5:49:37:D3:37> in ocsinventory.dat
HTTP SERVER: Creating CInternetSession to get inventory parameters...OK.
HTTP SERVER: Getting HTTP Connection to server port 80 using no authentication...OK.
HTTP SERVER: Sending prolog query...ERROR: HTTP status code 403
HTTP SERVER: Closing HTTP connection
WMI Disconnect: Disconnected from WMI namespace.
Writing last inventory state not required.
Execution duration: 00:00:00.

Apache error.log saying next:

[Wed oct 28 15:21:56 2015] [error] [client] Directory index forbidden by Options directive /var/www/ocsinventory/ - thats user99 from firs log file. Server is Centos 6.7. I'm very nooby in the linux systems.

 P.S.Sorry for my bad english.

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