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I con't Communicating OCS Server and Agent for linux ..?

I had installation and Configuration of OCS inventory Sever & Agent both for Linux Operating System

But, It's not Communicating with each other , I don't know where is problem .

     Sever version 2.0.5 on CentOS

     Agent Version 2.1.1 on Ubuntu

while Installation it's required More dependency files, that's also i had installed both Server & Agent System. Both the System's are same LAN Network. In my LAN Network not configure Selinux (it's disabled).

 In my LAN Network Using Squid Proxy and IP Configuration for Manual (don't like DHCP). All the Packages Also installed like Apache,PHP,Mysql,PhpMyadmin,Perl etc.....

Both Systems are Pinging. but not communicating .. :( :(

please Reply me I'm early waiting ...for your Reply .. !!!!
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1 Answer

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I found that on the ocs website :

"OCS Inventory NG agents are compatible only with the same major version of the server or newer version."
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thank you for your reply .....
hi frankb ,

  i had installed higher version of Server(2.1.2) compare Agent(2.1.1). but still now it's are not communicating .

  i think server side is everything ok but Agent of the windows system not connecting the communication server ,In my LAN Network don't use firewall  but i have using "squid proxy"

please give suggestion how to configure OCS inventory with squid proxy ..?
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