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ipdiscover is not working




sorry, I have posted allready, maybe by wron topic:

but a have new insights.

I don't no what is wrong, ipdicover will not work.


Only one subnet is activ 
packages SELinux und IPTable are disabled.

ocsinventory-agent works, the agents swaps information to server


This presents the client with agents only:

perl ipdiscover-util.pl -ipdiscover=0 -net= -a -xml -h=localhost -u=ocs -p=123456 -d=ocsweb


This presents the clients with agents only and uninterupted, continual the same clients:

ipdiscover eth0


ipdicover-util.pl can recognize every client if i definite the ip-adress, but single

perl ipdiscover-util.pl -ip= -net= -a -xml -h=localhost -u=ocs -p=123456 -d=ocsweb

This result is only reproduced in the console. this is not swapped to the server. I can't see it in the web front end.

 Why doesn't work it?

best regard


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1 Answer

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Try execute the ipdiscover on server.
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ipdiscover was running from server, too

# ipdiscover enp0s3

and list the clients with installed agents

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