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OCS not working with Apache 2.4

Hello, and thanks again for your time.


OCS does not work with the new version of Apache, most of the folders and files has change their name or directory and OCS is not adapted to it.

I've follow several tutorials, reinstalled lot of times and it happens over and over again, OCS configuration files are created in the root directory cause it can't find the olders apache folder.

On the other side,I made an alias in apache configuration file pointing to the ocs installation folder and now I can acces to the administration website (hhtp:localhost\ocsreports\) but none agent can't communicate with the virtual folder 'ocsinventory' since it seems that during installation process, OCS try to configure files or folders that not longer exist in Apache 2.4., in example, z-ocsinventory-server.conf is set into root folder.

Is there any fix for this since apache 2.2 isnt able in the repository anymore?


Thanks again.
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This is corrected with latest version of OCS (2.2). Please download and upgrade.


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Sorry but every time I tried I was running OCS 2.2 and still got the same issue. Am I doing something wrong?.


 I've read several people with the same issue btw.
It does not work
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