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Problem creating administrative data items

I've recently installed OCS Inventory NG 2.2 Release in a Debian based installation.

I can create administrative data tabs with several  fields perfectly. But when I try to agregate items for a field under any tab  I canĀ“t do it.

First I select an inventoried computer. Then I can enter in edit mode by clicking on the pencil icon under an administrative data tab, but when I click  the add icon (+) in any field, it does not work. It reload the page and no form appears to agregate data options and neither the  green "accept" or red "cancel" icon to save or exit from edit mode.

The problem appears in "select" and "radio buttons" type fields. However I can reorder fields up and down.

I'll apreciate any clue to solve this problem.
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3 Answers

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I solved the problem. There is a bug in the new 2.2 Release.

In order to solve the error edit file:


replace line 144 with this code:

       array_push($config['COMMENT_AFTER'],$up_png . "<a href=# onclick=window.open(\"index.php?".PAG_INDEX."=".$pages_refs['ms_adminvalues']."&head=1&tag=ACCOUNT_VALUE_" . $val_admin_info['NAME'] . "\")><img src=image/plus.png></a>");
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Glad to find the solution here, thank you!
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but if you upgrade .. be ware that future version often have bugs with radio buttons and so on

in versin 2.1.2 you can also only create 9 check or radio buttons under one tab .. if you create more .. the search does not work anymore .. because inernally ocs-onventory uses

accountinfo.fields_16 = '1&&&'

and the 1&&& can only be counted up to 9&&&

i do not know details .. but perhaps this is the same in version 2.8.1
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