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Redundant argument in sprintf at Networks.pm line 29

Fedora 23 64bit on ESXi 6 VM.

ocsinventory -f -i:

Redundant argument in sprintf at /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl/Ocsinventory/Agent/Backend/OS/Linux/Network/Networks.pm line 29

Happens with agent installed from yum and also compiled from source
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I have the same problem, did you find a solution?
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Nope - no answers.  IRC is vacant and the only suggestions I've ever seen were 'read the documentation', but the documentation is also 'vacant'.  I'm actually googling for 'is OCS abandoned' these days.
Maybe could be a good idea to report in issues here https://github.com/OCSInventory-NG/OCSInventory-ocsreports/issues
I unninstalled the agent, delete files, update perl, I tried using http and https, but nothing.
I resolve the problem doing a clean install (OS and Software) but not installing the modules from cpan. Since Centos 7, to avoid problems you have to install from .rpm using yum. When you install from cpan, the system doesn't know what are you installing from cpan. I guess will be the same thing with the new systemd. What I am trying do to right now is to scan devices using the agent but doesn't work and no errors in log, only the OS who has installed the agent send info to OCS, they can't retrieve or scan thru snmp to send at OCS.
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