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Duplicated softwares in Inventory

Good afternoon everybody.

I have installed a month ago OCS Inventory v2.0.5 at my company computers. it works like a charm, but some softwares are getting duplicated at the reports.

One of them is "Service Pack 2 for Microsoft Office 2010 (KB2687455) 64-Bit Edition". It appears 14 times in each computer because it has 14 differents GUIDs per installation.

Is there any fix or procedure for this kind of situation?

Thank you all!
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1 Answer

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v2.0.5 is quite old you should try to update your infrastructure at least on a 2.1+ version.

Regards, Gilles Dubois.
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Thank you for your answer Gilles.

I just did in a test environment. Same problem. :/
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