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Problems with ocsinventory-injector.pl script


After sending from one OCS server to another OCS server two *.ocs fiiles with "ocsinventory-injector.pl", second server only shows inventoried last file. It seems second server only saves the last injection, overwritting the first one, although both files are from different machines and, of couse, each machine has different hostname and IP address. Why??

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Before inhecting the second file have you verified that the first one was correctly injected? These 2 files concern the same machine?


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I have found the problem: both files were created with "--force" (not with "cron" execution) and it seems that forcing from command line, file created is XML format and not OCS format (I had checked with "file" linux command). So when primary server received XML files, ocsinventory-injector didn't understand file and it though both files were the same because they had XML format.

Solved!! ;)

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