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Is there a way to update "network name" based on the subnet at time of inventory?

We build PCs at our head office and then deploy them to our branches.  At first inventory the new PCs register in OCS with the "network name" of our head office subnet.  They are then sent out to our branches, but the network name does not then update with the subnet of the branch they are deployed to.  This messes up IpDiscover as the new PCs show as non-inventoried in the branch subnet.  The only way we are able to update the network name of these PCs is to delete them in OCS and then inventory them again.  Is this behaviour by design or should the network name be updated based on the current subnet at the time the inventory runs?  Is there a way to force the client to update the network name without deleting the computer from OCS?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

For further information;

  • OCS Server v2.2 on Fedora 23
  • PHP Version : 5.6.20 (apache2handler)
  • Web Server : Apache/2.4.18 (Fedora) PHP/5.6.20 mod_perl/2.0.9 Perl/v5.22.1
  • Database Server : MariaDB Server version 10.0.23-MariaDB
  • OCS Agent v. on mostly Windows 7 PCs
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