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Problem OCS in GLPI

Good afternoon!


I'm in trouble ocs in glpi when imported computers do not appear correctly on Assets in GLPI .

Only a code appears in place of the name without information in other fields.

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1 Answer

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Read carefully (supposed is 2.2 OCS NG)



Import options :

  1. Web URL for OCSNG console: if URL is set, a link appears on computer form to directly open the computer form in OCSNG.
    Need to have Write OCSNG right. See Rights management;
  2. Limit the import to the following tags and Exclude the following tags are use to filter computers to be imported by TAG defined in OCSNG agent;
  3. Default status: which status will be set on the computer form during its import from OCSNG. You must have at least one status created in GLPI.
  4. Comportment on deconnection: define action done by GLPI for a connected item when this item is no more inventoried by OCSNG. By example: a monitor is no more inventoried by OCSNG like connected to the computer. Options can be Conserved, dustbin or purged;
  5. *Peripherals - Monitors - Printers - Software - Disks - Registry - Virtual machines *: define if GLPI must take this items from OCSNG or not. For some items, you must configure if import must be global or unique:



Integrate with OCS inventory

TRACE_DELETED must be enable  from OCS inventory before joint with ocs inventory


Config > setup > 

Deletion logging functionality (needed by GLPI)


OCSNG mode configuration

You must get the Connection to OCS database successful message.



good luck ..


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