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Can't use browser. Bad request error (http 400)

Hi.   I'm using virtual appliance and I can't use browser to start using OCS.    It seems all OK but when I type the address https://srv-ocstest/ocsinventory  the result is the message below :

Bad Request

Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.

Apache/2.2.15 (CentOS) Server at srv-ocstest Port 443


I tried to do everything (DNS, host, httpd.conf, certificate) with the same name but the problem still remains.

Can anyone help me please ??

Thanks a lot.

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1 Answer

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It's normal to get an error when browsing this url. But normaly you will get an error 500.

Can you explain how do you install OCS Inventory NG on your centos ?
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Thanks for your interest.

I'm using Virtual Appliance from OCS site and I modifified it in few points.   I follow the instruction in this link http://wiki.ocsinventory-ng.org/index.php/Howtos:VMOcsinventory-ng  but I can't understand if I have to call my server ocsinventory-ng (see below)

The SSL certificate generated in the virtual machine contains ocsinventory-ng hostname. It is very important that this step is respected as is, with the same name

Have a nice day !!


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