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Deployment of packages in OCS Server installed on Windows


Could someone please describe how to set up everything in OCS Server(Windows) to deploy a package.

I have googled forever and I have have found som parts but it is simply not working.

I get many strange behaviors like:


No time til deploymemnt when I create a package.

When I activate I get: Open SSL for PHP is not properly installed......

And: Cant find informationfile at.............

However I can still activate the package but I cant run it. Server just says waiting for notification.

Please inform me how to step by step setting his up....

It cant be that difficult right?


Starting OCS Inventory NG Agent on Tuesday, September 09, 2014 12:54:02.
AGENT => Running OCS Inventory NG Agent Version
AGENT => Using OCS Inventory NG FrameWork Version
AGENT => Loading plug-in(s)
AGENT => Using network connection with Communication Server
AGENT => Using Communication Provider <OCS Inventory NG cURL Communication Provider> Version <>
AGENT => Sending Prolog
AGENT => Prolog successfully sent
SUPPORT => No support detected, Registration key : N/A
AGENT => Inventory required
AGENT => Launching hardware and software checks
AGENT => Sending Inventory
INVENTORY => No change since last inventory
AGENT => Inventory successfully sent
AGENT =>  Communication Server ask for Package Download
ERROR *** DOWNLOAD => Found result code <SUCCESS> for OCS Inventory Agent Setup package but no package ID specified, so remove all packages to avoid running Agent setup in loop !
AGENT => Unloading communication provider
AGENT => Unloading plug-in(s)
AGENT => Execution duration: 00:00:11.
in OCS Inventory NG server for Unix by (800 points)

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