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How to check Hardware & Software updates on PC

Dear Team


We need to monitor if there are any Hardware & Software Change hanppen on any PC which are inventoried. for e.g if any User has changed any hardware on the PC or has load any software on the PC & same notification needs to be put up to admin. How on this notification for the same.



Ummar Shaikh 




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3 Answers

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No, it's not possible.

OCS Inventory NG is not a monitoring tool and don't have any history.

As more and more user ask for it, we currently work for a future solution for those type of problem.
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You can configure the server to save copies of the xml inventory reports in a directory, then periodically use a program to compare them to a previously saved snapshot copy.   However, since many of the entries change routinely, the comparison is not a simple task.   It would be nice to have something to remove the 'expected-to-change' entries and then push the file into a git repository or other version control system that would  only store the differences but be able to show changes between any two times or systems.
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you get this by combining ocsinventory with glpi.

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