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feature SNMP

Hi everybody

Can you tell me which snmp features are usefull for you and which one you should want to see in a new version?


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Do smnp-scans from one server for an definable subnet (eg. Todays solution with scanning through the agents is to tidy to set up and my firewall colluages always get mad and whats explanations why this or that server ist doing such scans.
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You can already do want you want using 2.1 release. In 2.1 release, you can define a custom subnets (throught custom parameters in OCS GUI) for SNMP scans for an OCS agent. You just have to install an OCS Unix agent on computer (or server) you want and set custom subnets and you just have to open firewall ports for this computer only. If you want to scan from your OCS Server, just install an OS Unix agent on it :D :D.



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I'm not using it now, but I would love to if it could be made to work in our situation.   Most of our network equipment is configured to only permit snmp queries from a few IP addresses so all the scanning would have to be done from one of those existing systems even though we have a large network.   Ideally, it would run as a mostly-independent agent,  reporting some configurable number of systems at a time to the server as they are scanned.   Also, most of the servers running ocsinventory agents have snmp enabled as well, but I'd rather not see duplicate information for them.   The ultimate goal of the scan would be to export the list to OpenNMS  to keep monitoring in sync with any discovered changes.
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Thanks for your feed back

Actually, it possible to scan the all network from few servers and precise the networks you scan.

the feture you want is:

  • scanning on one server some networks and on another one other networks.
  • scanning some network a day and onther networks another day

Import from OCS to Open NMS the new devices would be more difficult because ocs d'ont know what devices aer already present in the Open NMS.

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Opennms has a feature where you can use xml 'requsitions' to import nodes to monitor, and groups imported from different sources can each provide a foreign-key to identify each node  that only has to be unique within that group.     And there is a tool called opennms-pris that will take the soap-exported data from OCS and convert it to a requsition.   Doing that periodically would keep everything in sync.

I guess I just need to get the latest agent installed on one of the servers that can make snmp queries and configure the scan.  Can I just give one large  range for the SNMP_NETWORK scan or does it need a list that matches the networks OCS already knows from ipdiscover?

Is there a way to keep the servers with their own agents that already are known to OCS  from also being discovered by the snmp scans - or does that happen automatically?
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You can give subnets int the SNMP_NETWORK scan without using ipdiscovery.

It's beter to user smaller subnets for diminuing the agent time because it must du à arp request on all adress of the subnet.

You elect servers for snmp feature. take care tha the snmp need some perl modules which are not needed by the "standard" agent.
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Are the responses from ip discovery from agents on all subnets available to the designated node(s) doing snmp discovery?  That is, I want to specify a single node to do the snmp queries, but have it target only the IP addresses already discovered by different agents doing the ip discovery - and only the ones that aren't servers with the ocs agent already reporting.

Is there a guide to debugging the agent doing the snmp probe beyond what is in the main documentation?
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I'm sorry but the informations from the ipdiscover is not propagate from a client to the client who do the snmp scan.

Only the ip detected by the node can be scan with snmp feature.

I have not create a documentation for the snmp debugging.
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That's not going to work for me then.   The servers that are permitted by firewalls and snmp device configurations to do snmp queries are not going to be able to see arp responses from remote subnets for discovery, and in many cases may not even be able to get icmp responses back through the firewalls.

Is the code involved modular enough that I might be able to convert it into a standalone program that could pull the IP info from the OCS database, query those targets, and post the results to the OCS server?
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The code is modular so you can add a list of ip to scan.

You must add your code in the Snmp.pm client for adding your address and particulary in snmp_end_handler

You must add your ip address in $self->{netdevices}
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Hello, I'm quite new to OCS Inventory. I'd like to import results of snmp scans into devices, for all those devices that can't have OCS Agent on them. I'm talking about network devices, printers, closed systems like IBM AS/400 and such. All those devices can be queried with snmp, and in fact they give you all the informations you need using that protocol. It's a shame that the snmp scan is almost useless, being relegated to a different list and not on computers list in ocsreports. I also use OCS to GLPI imports, and can't send to glpi any device found with SNMP discovery, for the same reason. This is a no-go situation for me implementing OCS in all our headquarters and data centers. I have dozens of snmp enabled devices that I can't install OCS Agent on.
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