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How to remove package history in merged duplicates

OCS Server 2.1.2
OCS Agent
CentOS 6.5

I currently have OCS Inventory configured to merge duplicate computers based on serial, mac and uuid. My main purpose for this is when a computer comes back in and is redeployed with a fresh image and new hostname, I don't want to have to delete the old record in OCS and then have to reconnect this computer to the record in GLPI. The problem I have is that when the freshly imaged computer checks into GLPI and is merged with the older entry, the package history remains. This results in the new image not being assigned packages that it needs. Is there a way to automatically wipe the package history when merging duplicates?

Alternatively, could I delete the older duplicate entry rather than merging it with the newly imaged computer? That might be a more straightforward way of sidestepping this problem.
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1 Answer

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try to edit in the client c:\programData\OCS Inventory NG\Agent\history and leave only the ids of installed packages you don't want to deploy again.
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