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How to update the server ocs inventory

Good day, I have ocs inventory version 2.1.2 installed on centos 6.6 server, I see that is already the new version 2.3 of ocs inventory, but I do not know the procedure to perform the update. I appreciate if you can tell me how this procedure is performed, and the corresponding backup.

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OCS Inventory NG 2.3 need a more recent php version that 5.3. As it you will find update version of php in the remi repository (https://blog.remirepo.net/pages/Config-en)

To update, simple backup your database and then run setup.sh from the tar.gz you will find on our website.

Another way is to use the RPM version for centos 7 : http://rpm.ocsinventory-ng.org/enterprise/7/x86_64/ocsinventory-release-7-4.el7.ocs.noarch.rpm
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Hello, I have the ocs server in version 2.1.2 installed on a centos 6.8. I have PHP 5.3.3 MySQL 5.1.73. 

I downloaded the installer from the official website and run the installer without any problems or errors and restart apache. 

I have no errors in the installation. But when trying to see the interface nothing comes out, everything is blank. 

Someone has the procedure of update described step by step, to see that it may be failing...

Another question, the server has OCS 2.1.2, I have clients with agent version,, and, I installed agent 2.3 on a client, install perfect, send inventory, but The client never appears in the admin console, are not supported?

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