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[ ipdiscovery ] How to add snmp mibs to ocs


SERVER :: OCS Server Ver 2.1.2
CLIENT :: OCS-NG_unified_unix_agent_v2.1.1

I have a problem with ipdiscovery.
The snmp discover is ok, all appear in ocs inventory.

The problem appear with our switch AVAYA Switch (Nortel in fact).
For example we have some information who d'ont appear a the right place like the client IP who are place in the subnet row !

So i think this is a MIBS problem, and i want to know how to add MIBS if it's possible

thx in advance

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1 Answer

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You can add information for the AVAYA switch but it's not a "mib file" because each producter define there own OID with different names associated.

There is a documentation on this topic but only in French (sorry surprise):




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Ok thx for the documentation. Ouche :/

I'am french, so it's not a problem :P
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