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Buenos días

requiero de su colaboración, en la empresa contamos con una cantidad de 1000 tablet marca lenovo tab 2 A730 y todas vienen de fabrica con el sistema operativo android 4.4 pero se han ido actualizando y varias tienen la 5.0 que esta presentando problemas con subir al servidor de ocs, si sube una, no sube la otra, salen con el mismo nombre.
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Please ask your question in english.


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Good Morning I require of your collaboration, in the company we have a quantity of 1,000 tab of the mark Lenovo 2 A730 and all come from factory with the operating system Android 4.4 But they have been updating and several have the 5.0 that is presenting problems with up To the server of ocs, if one rises, does not rise the other, they leave with the same name

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