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OCS Server 2.1.2 with Debian 8


I've got a problem with my OCS Server and Debian 8.

I migrate my server which are on Debian 6 to pass it on Debian 7 then Debian 8.

Since I passed to Debian 8, OCS doesn't want to connect.

When i tried to access to http://myip/ocsreports it tried to access to /var/www/ocsreports but the folder is not on this place.

on the folder conf.d there a link to the file ocsreports.conf which are on /etc/ocsinventory

I tried many thing that i can find on internet but nothing works.

I don't have error on the error.log file

I tried to do the two commands below (i put the file on site-available folder before):

sudo a2enconf ocsinventory-reports

sudo a2enconf z-ocsinventory-server

it's said

ERROR: Conf ocsinventory-reports does not exist!

If you can help me, i don't find a solution..



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