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MSofficekey plugin not working with ocsng server 2.2


I'm running ocsng for unix 2.2 running on debian 8

I've followed the install description found on




and watched the yt video


when I try to execute the php script


I get the following error in apache logs

PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function print_item_header() in /usr/share/ocsinventory-reports/ocsreports/plugins/computer_detail/cd_officepack/cd_officepack.php on line 10

line 10 in this script is the following

  print_item_header("Gestionnaire des licences Microsoft Office");

further I don't know where to find the office key in the ocs web gui, in ocsng 2.1 I was able to set the pages for the super administrator, this I can't find within 2.2 .. (all ms_xxx pages are missing)

anybody knows what to do, or if this plugin still works with 2.2?
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2 Answers

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Try this Version of the Plugin:


ThereĀ“ll find also a how to install
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thx for the link, I've put it in the download folder and installed it via web gui..

where should I see the office keys now? I still have no option in user profile -> pages and I don't see a new icon when I select a single machine.. :(
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