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ocslogon.exe identified as trojan horse


the file ocslogon.exe (from agent package v is identified as a trojan horse (RDN/Generic Downloader.x) by our company's antivirus software (McAfee VirusScan Enterprise). I am not able to do a agent deploy by GPO, because the file is being deleted.

Is it possible to use older versions of ocslogon.exe to deploy v agents via GPO?

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4 Answers

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Where did you get the OCSLogon.exe for agent ? Because I almost sure the isn't OCSLogon anymore with this version so... check your download sources
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Oh yes, my bad.

Anyway, I always use a VBS script to deploy my agents by GPO.

As I never used  OCSLogon, I can't give you a trustful answer but I would say no
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as reference, if you use trendmicro it's comperable: http://ask.ocsinventory-ng.org/6209/windows-agent-%26-trendmicro-antivirus

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