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Domain user cannot setup OCS Inventory NG Agent as a Windows Service [closed]


Simple domain user (logged without administrative privileges) cannot setup OCS Inventory NG Agent as a Windows Service. Agent setup is run by Active Directory GPO (User Policy).

For domain admins there is no problem with installing and starting Windows Service.

Operating systems - Windows XP/7

Thanks for suggestions.

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Find out the solution by myself. Must to read documentation attentively  :)


How does Windows service work?

Note: You must have Administrator privileges to set up OCS Inventory NG Agent as a service, or you may use OCS Inventory NG Packager to create an installer able to run even if user do not have Administrator privileges. Refer to § Uploading Agent for deployment through launcher “OcsLogon.exe”. or OCS Inventory NG Packager documentation.

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You can launch the package in computer logon to bypass the prividge right. User logon is only user relative modification and computer logon is for computer modification like install a software ;)
Yes, of course)

But firstly I did by User Logon and it didn't work. Now I change to Computer Logon and it works.
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