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How can I scan a class B network with ipdiscover?

Linux OCS Server 2.3
Linux OCS Agent 2.3

Hi everybody,

My company have 80 class C network 192.168.X.0/24 with approximately 600 devices in total (PC, thin clients, ToIP and printers).

My OCS Server and Agent are installed on the same CentOS with the IP and can acceed to all the other networks.

I would like to scan all the other networks in one shot although It can take lot of time. The aim is to retrieves SNMP informations from all the devices. But I can't force the agent to scan further than is own network ( and don't have any choice than to select one of the network presented in the list in the field "Force IP discover" on the agent's configuration's page. 

I already tried to put my agent with a class B address so I though it would scan the entire class C network, but it don't. It's like ipdiscover limit the scan on the class C agent's network only.

How can I force a Linux agent to scan a class B network?

Thank you in advance and have a nice day.

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