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Performing Upgrade From 2.1.2. to 2.3.1. [closed]

Hi All,

I want to upgrade my server from 2.1.2. to 2.3.1., at first I backup the old database using command  recommended by OCS documentation:

mysqldump --add-drop-table --complete-insert --extended-insert --quote-names --host=localhost --u root -p ocsweb > mysqldump_ocsweb.sql

Than later restore it with command:

mysql -u root -p ocsweb < /root/ocs_upgrade/mysqldump_ocsweb.sql

But after updating the database I got message:

Existing database updated
Current version:7006=>Expected version:7011

Are there any formal documentation for upgrading OCS server version? I need to upgrade in order installing latest officepack plugin to inventoried our office software.

Please help me for this matter, I had struggled upgrading it since yesterday sad.

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1 Answer

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Never mind after checking all of possible issue, it is caused by I am not yet installing php5-curl. My bad 


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