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OcsPackager with Windows Server

Hello I trying created ocspackage.exe with OcsPackager.exe. I read this documencation. My settings:

  • Agent Setup File: C:\Users\example\Downloads\ocs\OCSNG-Windows-Agent-\OCS-NG-Windows-Agent-Setup.exe
  • Certificate file: null
  • Plugins to include: null
  • Command line options: /s /now /server=http://ocs.pbs.pl/ocsinventory/ /ssl=0
  • Label: null
  • User: administrator Password: password_to_administrator_account

On url http://ocs.pbs.pl/ocsinventory/ I don't have added certificate SSL, so I added in Command line options: ssl=0

Next I added file ocspackage.exe and ocslogon.exe

Next when I restart computer files are downloaded correctly, but not work synchronization on ocs.pbs.pl and I don't know why .

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1 Answer

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I noticed that the script execution via the "Group Policy Editor" console works if your clients are connected to the domain but many difficulties persist with a workgroup connection ... Maybe, What's your case ?

To fix this problem, I would also check the runtime account of the script, should not it be the system account ?

Regards, St├ęphane
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